Watch My Domains Mac / Windows Versions

The new Watch My Domains Pro v6 for Windows and macOS has caused some confusions about updates because of the original and older version 1.5 of Watch My Domains Mac. Here are some clarifications on this.

Originally we had separate Mac and Windows versions with different feature sets. Watch My Domains 1.5 for Mac is an original Mac only version.

We are now moving to combined Windows and Mac editions like Watch My Domains Pro v6. However, the original v1.5 for Mac has more features than the corresponding v6 we released recently. The proper upgrade path for 1.5 (Mac) version will be another software called Domain Punch Professional v5 that is currently under development.

You may purchase either v1.5 (Mac) or v6 and contact us to get a complimentary registration code for the other (applicable only to purchases made after May 2nd 2021). You will also have the options to move to Domain Punch Pro v5 when it is released.