WatchMy.Domains/SED Updated

We have updated WatchMy.Domains/SED. The new changes include…

  • Added two new themes (sed-start and flick).
  • Added support for specifying a default date format in the domain table. You can do this by setting up the $cell_date_format value in config.php
  • Added support for registrar aliases. Registrar aliases allow you to shorten the registrar names for screen display purposes. This is similar to the registrar alias support in Windows desktop versions.
  • Added support for custom css file. You can now use your own custom CSS to adjust the visual elements without having to modify the original CSS files. Your custom settings will be preserved between updates. Please see the custom-sample.css
    file in lib/css folder.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.
  • The application logo has been rebranded as “WatchMy.Domains/SED” from “Watch My Domains SED”

Watch My Domains SED