What’s Coming in 2017

Happy New Year!

We have a lot of plans for 2017. Here are some of them…

  • New major version of Watch My Domains for Mac
  • Web and Mac OS X versions of Domain Name Filter Pro
  • A membership site that will provide additional TLD related tools and stats
  • Three new products… details coming soon.
  • and of course regular updates to all our existing products, some will see major version upgrades.

See you soon!

Daily List of Deleted Domains (new gTLDs)

The daily registered list of new gTLD domains is a popular tool at Domain Punch. We decided to follow it up with the daily deleted list of new gTLD domains.

Click Here to Check Daily Deleted Domains

The domain names listed are the domains that were deleted from the zone file on a specified day and is not the full list of deleted domains. Being present in this list does not mean that the domain is available for registration. It just means that the domain is no longer in the zone file.

You can click on a column header to sort the list. Clicking a second time will reverse the sort order.

Daily Deleted New gTLD Domains

Use Domain Name Filter Pro to Analyze Zone Files

Did you know that you can use Domain Name Filter Pro to analyze domain zone files?

If you have access to the Centralized Zone Data Service of ICANN you can download the zone files to your local hard disk. Unzip the downloaded file and then use Domain Name Filter Pro to import it using the “Import Entries >> Local File Import” option.

After importing, remember to remove duplicates from the list (right click within the list and select “Remove Duplicates” from the menu).

Once you have the domain names in the software use any of the many filtering options to analyze the domain names or use the domain name splitter to find component keywords.

Domain Name Filter Pro

New gTLDs, Alexa Ranks and Artificial Rank Boosting

We have been tracking the growth of the new gTLDs in the Alexa top million list for some time now. We mostly use these internally developed tools :-

New gTLDs in Alexa 100K list


Is the Alexa rank list reliable for tracking the growth of new gTLDs?

Almost everyone knows that the Alexa ranks are not very reliable. However, many people assume that the ranks are a reasonably good estimate for sites ranked within the top 100,000.

Instead of using the top 100K rank list, we decided to go with the top 25,000 list.

We used data based on the Alexa top 25,000 ranks as on Dec-13-2014. The ranks used are the daily updated, one month average ranks.  The daily updated ranks are different from the Alexa toolbar ranks (averaged over a 3 month period).

This is what we found :-

  • There are 43 new gTLD sites in the Alexa Top 25,000 List.
  • 90% of these sites are either parked or redirected to an advertisement page or have illegal content.
  • 26 of them (60%) are “.XYZ” sites. Out of these, 20 have the same IP address.
  • All XYZ sites, except one, serve advertisements or are parked with no actual content.

Most of these sites don’t deserve to be in any “top” list. One possible conclusion is that the Alexa ranks are being artificially boosted. Here is a graph of the number of “.XYZ” sites in the Alexa million list plotted over time (between mid August to now). Notice the sudden upward trend from mid November?

Number of .XYZ sites in Alexa million list over time.


One notable new gTLD site is searchengines.guru (Alexa daily rank on 12/13/2014: 1392). However, this is not a new site, it is an old one that moved to the new .Guru domain.

New gTLDs in Alexa Top 100,000

Interested in knowing which new global TLD sites are popular? Here is a free online tool that lists new gTLD sites that are within the top 100,000 Alexa sites.

Click here for New gTLDs in Alexa Top 100,000

You can click on any column header to sort the data in ascending or descending order. You can also list the sites for only a specified TLD by entering the gTLD into the filter box at top. The data is updated daily.

The Alexa rank displayed in the table will be different from the rank shown in the Alexa toolbar. This is because we use the daily updated, one month average rank. The toolbar shows the rank averaged over 3 months.

Top Performing new gTLDs

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X Updated

We have updated Watch My Domains for Mac OS X to add support for automatic whois configuration.

Automatic whois configuration

The software will now automatically do a whois setup when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been configured. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option anymore. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.

This feature is already available in the Windows and Web Server editions of our domain manager software products.

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X
Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

Download Now

You will have to wait a few days for the download link to be available in the Apple Mac store.

Domain Name Management Software

WatchMy.Domains features a number of applications to manage domain names From Windows & Mac Desktop or web browser. Please see the product comparison table.

Researching Popularity of New TLDs

Here is a free online tool to research the popularity of new or old TLDs, ccTLDs and IDNs.

We took the Alexa top million site list and then created an interface that will allow you make queries and find sites based on the rank, TLDs, strings in the domain name, Non-ASCII characters in domain names (International Domain Names).

You can use it to list all the sites that use a specific TLD (like Guru, Tools, Today, COM, US, UK, etc). You can also easily find which .GURU site ranks best, how many .TODAY sites are in the top million etc.

You can search for domains that have a specific string. For example, type in “ideas” to find all domains that have the word “ideas” in them.

Click Here for the TLD Research Tool

Top Sites + TLD Research Tool