Registry Supported High Speed Domain Availability Whois Lookups (AU, NL, EU)

Some registries support high speed domain availability lookups. These are are not rigorously monitored for high volume (ab)use. The downside is that these whois lookups are suitable only for domain availability checks.

You can configure all of our domain name management / search software tools to make use of the high speed availability lookups.

Whois setup for AU high speed domain availability checks

The above screen-shot shows the configuration required for AU domain lookups. Please remember to change these back to normal settings if you want to do regular whois settings. So, it is a good idea to note down the earlier settings before you make any changes.

You can adjust the ‘max connections’ and ‘connection interval’ so that the lookups occur at higher speeds.

The following articles explain the settings in more detail.

AU/NL High Speed Checks

High Speed EU Domain Availability Lookups


Domain Logo Designer Pro For Textual Logos

Domain Logo Designer Pro is an extremely powerful software for creating quick textual logos and headings for your web sites. It is not a replacement for Photoshop or other high-end graphic software, but is very  handy for creating quick logos in a few minutes.

The software supports multiple text blocks. Each text block supports two color fill, outline and tranaparency. Shadows and reflections are also supported. You can also add your own background image or select from a number of different fill patterns.

A 7 day free trial download is available.

For more information please visit Domain logo Designer Pro.

Watch My Domains (Mac) Snow Leopard Support

The next updates for Watch My Domains (Mac) and Domain Name Analyzer (Mac) will not support OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Our normal policy regarding Mac OS X products is to support the current and prior versions of Mac OS X. This means that the next update will support Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8)

Watch My Domains, Mac OS X

About Watch My Domains Mac

Watch My Domains is a desktop domain name portfolio management application for Mac OS X. You may download a fully functional evaluation copy to try out the software before purchase.


Watch My Domains Server Edition Update

We have updated Watch My Domains Server edition to finally support whois setup from within the main interface. You can click the small ‘Config’ icon at the top to go to the ‘Whois Setup’ page.

Once you click the ‘Config’, the whois setup screen will appear. You can add additional TLDs and ccTLDs and specify the corresponding whois servers. You can also edit the settings for any specific whois server.

This is very similar to the ‘whois settings’ in desktop products.

Watch My Domains Server Edition

To edit the settings of a random whois server, simply type in the whois server and click the ‘Set’ button. This will load the current settings for that server. You can then modify the entries and press ‘Submit Changes’.

The new download will be available during the first week of March, 2013.

See  Watch My Domains Server Edition for more details or to download a free 30 day trial.