Missing Registrar Expiry Date and Other Data for GoDaddy Domains

Domains registered through GoDaddy may no longer display the registrar related data in Domain Punch Pro and Watch My Domains.

We will be releasing an update on Monday (5th Aug 2013) that will automatically fix this. We have released updates that automatically fix this. The server edition users can also download a new updated version.

Meanwhile, existing desktop software users can fix this issue through a simple configuration change.

  • Right click on any domain registered through GoDaddy and has been looked up at least once before. On the Mac OS Version, you can also use “Control Key + Left mouse button”.
  • Select “Whois Setup > Advanced Whois Settings” (“Registrar Whois Setup” in OS X)
  • Specify the following “cleanup tokens”.
  1. Cleanup Token-1: *@@*
  2. Cleanup Token-2: The data contained
  • Click Close.
  • Redo the lookups.
  • Please see the attached screen-shot.

Whois Setup for GoDaddy Domains