Domain Categories in Watch My Domains SED

Watch My Domains SED, the server/cloud version of our domain name management products, supports categorizing domains into groups. We get quite a few questions regarding this, so here are some tips to help you with domain categories.

  • Use the add/delete/edit buttons at the foot of the category grid (category toolbar) to add, delete or rename categories.
  • Use the up/down buttons in the category toolbar to reorder the categories in the list.
  • You can quickly see all the categories a specific domain belongs to by selecting the domain in the main table. The categories of that domain will be highlighted in the category table.
  • Use the ‘Bulk Action’ tool to add or remove a group of domains from any category.
  • You can select an entry in the category table and then use the ‘Add Domains’ or ‘Import Domains’ button to add a set of domains. This will add the domains to the selected category. You can do this even if some or all of the domains are already in the database.

Domain Categories in Watch My Domains SED / Cloud Edition

Bulk Actions on Random Domain sets

You can use a temporary category to do bulk actions on a set of domains you have in a text file. For example, you want to add a note to 100 random domains (you have the domain names in a text file). Here is how to do it…

Create a new Category called say “workpad” (or whatever unique name you want). This is a temporary category that will be used only for tasks like this. You need to do this only once.

Any time you want to do bulk operations on a set of domains, do the following…

  1. Click on “workpad” in the category list at left. This will select that category.
  2. Have your list of names in a text file or in Clipboard.
  3. Click the “Add Domains” button and paste the 100 domains into the box. Check both the “Add the above domains to category “workpad’” box and “Empty Category ‘workpad’ before adding the domains”. Click OK. Even if your 100 domains are already in the portfolio there will be no problem. The domains will be just added to the “workpad” category. If any of these domains also belonged to another category it will not be affected (they will still belong to those categories along with “workpad”).
  4. Do whatever bulk operations you want. It will affect the 100 domains in “workpad”. You can attach notes or move them to another category etc.