Watch My Domains SED Updated

We have updated Watch My Domains SED (Server / Cloud Edition). The new additions include

  • Improved subdomain manager to support non-admin users. Only the domains and subdomains viewable by the user (based on configured access rights) will be diaplayed in the table.
  • Added the option to specify [catlist] in auto queries instead of the full catgeory table name with prefix. 
  • Added an option to upload CSV file for subdomain data. You can import all the four ‘notes’ columns using a CSV file.
  • The user interface will be refreshed automatically when you change the theme in ‘basic app setup’.
  • Fixed an issue with domains that have data in non english languages when doing a registry / registrar whois re-parsing.
  • Added support for extracting dates in the YYYYMMDD (eg. 20151123) format.
  • Minor improvements.


Watch My Domains SED, Main Screen

Monitor SSL Expiry Dates using Watch My Domains SED (Cloud Edition)

Now that most websites have started using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) it is important that these certificates are renewed at regular intervals. It is difficult to manage the SSL certificates and keep track of their expiry dates if you use SSL for a large number of sub-domains.

Easily Manage your SSL Certificates

You can monitor and track expiry dates of all your SSL certificates using Watch My Domains Server Edition.

Here is a sample SSL Expiry report generated by Watch My Domains SED. It can be configured to look the way you want it. You can also have the application email you this  report on daily / weekly or monthly basis.

SSL Certificate Expiry Report created by Watch My Domains SED

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