Thick Whois Transition for COM/NET Domains

The COM and NET registry is in the process of transitioning into thick whois format and the registrar whois server token has changed in the registry whois. While this may or may not be related to the transition it has caused the secondary whois lookups to not occur in all our domain name management software tools. You can easily fix this with a simple configuration change.

We will be updating all the software products on Monday (July 31, 2017) after which this manual configuration will not be required.  We have updated most of our software products.

Windows Desktop Software

Right click on any COM domain and select “Whois Setup > Basic Whois Settings”. Scroll down to the entry for “Whois Server Token” and enter

Registrar WHOIS Server:

as the token. Press ‘Close’. Redo the lookup.  Please don’t change the alphabet case, enter exactly as above.

Whois Server Setup

Watch My Domains SED

Click on the “Whois Setup” button and type in COM into the TLD box and click click “Go”. Select the “Extraction” tab and add the following extraction data for the whois server

Registrar WHOIS Server:=>whois_server

Click the “Submit Changes” button to save.

Please don’t change the alphabet case, enter exactly as above. See here for details about extraction tokens.

Watch My Domains SED parse table

Watch My Domains Mac

Click on any COM domain in your domain list and select “Edit >> Registry Whois Setup” from the application menu. Click on the “Parse Tab;e” tab and add the following extraction entry into the parse table for

Registrar WHOIS Server:=>whois_server

Please don’t change the alphabet case, enter exactly as above. See here for details about parse table and extraction tokens.

Watch My Domains Parse Table for COM

Configuring IO Domains in Watch My Domains Mac

Do you have trouble extracting the relevant information for IO domains in Watch My Domains Mac?

The correct whois server for IO domains is

You will also need to configure the parse table for IO to the following:

Expiry=>Expiry Date
NS 1=>Name Server
NS 2=>Name Server
NS 3=>Name Server
NS 4=>Name Server
Owner Name=>Owner


Please see the screen-shot below.

IO TLD setup in Watch My Domains


Which Domain Name Software Product Should You Buy?

We have a large number of software products related to domain names and domain name management. So we often get asked questions about what product to buy or if there is a single product that does everything.

There is no single product you can buy, however our products fall into three distinct categories.

If you want to search and filter deleted domain lists from different providers use Domain Name Filter Pro. This will allow you to find good domain names from large lists. You can even import various drop and deletion lists with a single click from within the software. Domain Name Filter Pro is available only for Windows.

If you want to create domain names from keywords and alpha-numeric templates and then check for availability use Domain Name Analyzer Pro (Windows only). Mac OS X users can use Watch My Domains for Mac.

If you want to manage your domain name portfolio and keep track of expiry dates, name servers and a lot of other stuff use one of the domain name portfolio management software products.  You can use our handy comparison table to find a suitable domain management solution.

There are some bundle offers too.

Domain Name Portfolio Management

Watch My Domains – Windows and Mac Bundle

Do you use both Windows and Mac Computers? Here is a bundle offer just for you!

Get the Watch My Domains for Mac and Windows Bundle

Please Note: The two software products are different, so you will not be able to open the files created in the Mac version using the Windows version. You should consider the server edition (Watch My Domains SED) if you you want to maintain a centralized, cloud hosted, domain name portfolio database and access it from anywhere and / or any device.

Compare Domain Name Portfolio Management Software

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X Updated

We have updated Watch My Domains for Mac OS X to add support for automatic whois configuration.

Automatic whois configuration

The software will now automatically do a whois setup when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been configured. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option anymore. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.

This feature is already available in the Windows and Web Server editions of our domain manager software products.

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X
Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

Download Now

You will have to wait a few days for the download link to be available in the Apple Mac store.

Domain Name Management Software

WatchMy.Domains features a number of applications to manage domain names From Windows & Mac Desktop or web browser. Please see the product comparison table.

New Whois Setup for WS Domains

WS domains will require a new whois setup because of some recent changes. We have released updated versions of Watch My Domains (Pro and ISP) and Domain Punch Pro for Windows. However, you will need to manually change the whois server for .WS domains to

in all versions of the software already installed in your systems.

Here are some screen-shots showing the settings in Mac OS X version of Watch My Domains.

WS Whois Server Setup

Whois Parser for

and here is a screen-shot showing the same for the server edition.

WS whois server setup