Growth of New Global TLDs over Time

Here is a new free web tool to compare the growth of different new gTLDs (and older ccTLDs/TLDs) in the Alexa million list over time. Data is available from August 2014.

Click Here for Number of Sites for different TLDs in Alexa Million List vs Time

You can use it to see how the new global TLDs are growing based on active sites that make an appearance in the Alexa top million list. Alexa is not really accurate but it does provide a way to track sites that have some visibility.

Growth of TLDs in Alexa Million List

New gTLDs in Alexa Top 100,000

Interested in knowing which new global TLD sites are popular? Here is a free online tool that lists new gTLD sites that are within the top 100,000 Alexa sites.

Click here for New gTLDs in Alexa Top 100,000

You can click on any column header to sort the data in ascending or descending order. You can also list the sites for only a specified TLD by entering the gTLD into the filter box at top. The data is updated daily.

The Alexa rank displayed in the table will be different from the rank shown in the Alexa toolbar. This is because we use the daily updated, one month average rank. The toolbar shows the rank averaged over 3 months.

Top Performing new gTLDs

Researching Popularity of New TLDs

Here is a free online tool to research the popularity of new or old TLDs, ccTLDs and IDNs.

We took the Alexa top million site list and then created an interface that will allow you make queries and find sites based on the rank, TLDs, strings in the domain name, Non-ASCII characters in domain names (International Domain Names).

You can use it to list all the sites that use a specific TLD (like Guru, Tools, Today, COM, US, UK, etc). You can also easily find which .GURU site ranks best, how many .TODAY sites are in the top million etc.

You can search for domains that have a specific string. For example, type in “ideas” to find all domains that have the word “ideas” in them.

Click Here for the TLD Research Tool

Top Sites + TLD Research Tool

New gTLDs available for Public Registration

Here is a list of new gTLDs that can be registered for personal / business use (as of March 12, 2014)

Domains Limo Shoes Company Cab

Recipes Diamonds Voyage Enterprises Tips Photos Careers

Technology Construction Contractors Directory Kitchen Land Today

Camera Equipment Estate Photography Gallery Graphics Lighting

Ventures Singles Bike Clothing Guru Plumbing Holdings

You can register these domains at GoDaddy, EasySpace, DynaDot etc. GoDaddy appears to be a little more expensive compared to others.

All our domain name portfolio software products already support these new gTLDs.


Support for the New ICANN gTLDs (.guru, .singles…)

You can easily make all our Domain Name Management Software products support for the new gTLDs as they become available.

As an example, here is how to add support for .Guru.

  • Click the ‘Whois Config’ ribbon-bar button. This is normally under the ‘Config’ tab in Domain Punch Pro and Watch My Domains ISP.
  • Add Guru to the TLD list and set it’s whois server to
  • Set the Search Token to
    Domain not found 
  • Click OK

Whois Configuration For .Guru


Please note that we have already updated Domain Punch Pro and Watch My Domains Pro to support the new gTLDs from Donuts Inc.  So you need not do the above manual configuration if you download the latest builds. The other products will be updated within the next few days.

Verisign Whois Lookup Behaving Strange

Update: The problem seems to have been fixed.

Whois lookups from the verisign registry is behaving strange right now. Lookups for many domain names show up with a

No match for domain ….

If the lookup is repeated again, it returns the valid data.

This happens with the port 43 whois and on Verisign’s own web interface. Here are two screen grabs

Lookup for (at verisign’s own web interface) shows the domain is not registered.
A new lookup a few seconds later works!

Currently the only solution is to sort the domains and do a lookup again on domains that show up as “free”.

Hopefully, this will get fixed very soon.

NameCheap has also reported this.