Watch My Domains Server Edition Update

We have updated Watch My Domains Server edition to finally support whois setup from within the main interface. You can click the small ‘Config’ icon at the top to go to the ‘Whois Setup’ page.

Once you click the ‘Config’, the whois setup screen will appear. You can add additional TLDs and ccTLDs and specify the corresponding whois servers. You can also edit the settings for any specific whois server.

This is very similar to the ‘whois settings’ in desktop products.

Watch My Domains Server Edition

To edit the settings of a random whois server, simply type in the whois server and click the ‘Set’ button. This will load the current settings for that server. You can then modify the entries and press ‘Submit Changes’.

The new download will be available during the first week of March, 2013.

See  Watch My Domains Server Edition for more details or to download a free 30 day trial.