Watch My Domains for Mac OS X Updated

We have updated Watch My Domains for Mac OS X to add support for automatic whois configuration.

Automatic whois configuration

The software will now automatically do a whois setup when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been configured. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option anymore. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.

This feature is already available in the Windows and Web Server editions of our domain manager software products.

Watch My Domains for Mac OS X
Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

Download Now

You will have to wait a few days for the download link to be available in the Apple Mac store.

Domain Name Management Software

WatchMy.Domains features a number of applications to manage domain names From Windows & Mac Desktop or web browser. Please see the product comparison table.

Web Application for Domain Name Management (Watch My Domains SED) Updated

We have updated Watch My Domains SED. The new additions include vulnerability hardening when the application is not password protected (not a good idea anyway), improvements to automatic email report generation scripts and more.

Domain Monitoring Script

Cloud / Web Application for Domain Name Management

If you didn’t know, Watch My Domains SED is a powerful cloud / web application for managing your domain names. You can install it on your own web server or ask us to host it for you (on a dedicated cloud server). The application can then be accessed using any device from anywhere. Click here to learn more.

Domain Name Analyzer Pro Update – Nominet DAC Support

We have updated Domain Name Analyzer Pro to include support for Nominet’s high speed Domain Availability Checks.

You can now select a group of domains, right click and then select “DAC Lookup (UK Domains)”.  Please see the screen-shot below.

Remember to get your IP address registered with Nominet before you use this feature.  You have to be a Registrar and a Nominet member. For more details, please visit UK Domain Availability Checker.

Domain Name Analyzer Pro


New Whois Setup for WS Domains

WS domains will require a new whois setup because of some recent changes. We have released updated versions of Watch My Domains (Pro and ISP) and Domain Punch Pro for Windows. However, you will need to manually change the whois server for .WS domains to

in all versions of the software already installed in your systems.

Here are some screen-shots showing the settings in Mac OS X version of Watch My Domains.

WS Whois Server Setup

Whois Parser for

and here is a screen-shot showing the same for the server edition.

WS whois server setup

Watch My Domains ISP v5 Released

We have released the next major version of Watch My Domains ISP for Windows. If you purchased version 4 within the past 12 months you will get a free upgrade to v5. Otherwise you can purchase an upgrade at a special price.

Release Notes

How to Upgrade

One of the most important additions is the automatic whois configuration when you add new global TLDs like Guru, Tools, Software, etc.

Version 5 also supports a number of different visual themes.

Watch My Domains ISP v5

Watch My Domains ISP v5


Watch My Domains ISP is a Windows desktop software for managing large domain name portfolios. The software uses a database backend (MS Access or MS SQL) and supports SQL based  domain name lookups and display.

Researching Popularity of New TLDs

Here is a free online tool to research the popularity of new or old TLDs, ccTLDs and IDNs.

We took the Alexa top million site list and then created an interface that will allow you make queries and find sites based on the rank, TLDs, strings in the domain name, Non-ASCII characters in domain names (International Domain Names).

You can use it to list all the sites that use a specific TLD (like Guru, Tools, Today, COM, US, UK, etc). You can also easily find which .GURU site ranks best, how many .TODAY sites are in the top million etc.

You can search for domains that have a specific string. For example, type in “ideas” to find all domains that have the word “ideas” in them.

Click Here for the TLD Research Tool

Top Sites + TLD Research Tool

Support for “WebCam” Domains

The new versions of Domain Punch Pro and Watch My Domains Pro support automatic whois configuration for most TLDs. However, the “webcam” domain is not supported automatically. You will need to manually configure the whois settings for “.webcam”.

  • Goto the Config or Domain Manager tab and click the Whois Config ribbon button. In Watch My Domains Pro, the Whois Config button is in the main Domain Manager tab. In other products it is in the Config tab.
  • Locate WebCam in the list of TLDs and click on it. If you are unable to locate WebCam, you can add it to the list using the Add button after typing webcam into the appropriate box.
  • Specify the following settings
  • Whois Server:
    Query Prefix:
    Port: 43
    Search Token: Not found:

WebCam TLD Support

Configuring Domain Portfolio Software to Support .XYZ

You can easily add support for .XYZ domains in products like Watch My Domains, Domain Punch Pro etc. The following are the important settings.

Whois Server:
Date Format: mmdd

Registrar Token: Sponsoring Registrar Organization:

In Mac and Server versions the parse token for registrar name will be

Sponsoring Registrar Organization:=>registrar

Please see the attached screen-shot

XYZ Whois Settings